DIY Custom Closet Makeover Pullouts

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Hey Guys! If you’ve been following along you know I recently completed the master closet over at my mom’s house using the IKEA PAX System. Who doesn’t love an Ikea hack?

During this build I decided to utilize the extra space I had left in the back of her closet and build some custom pullouts for her to hang purses and hats, or whatever else she would like to put there. 

This is the first time I have done something like this so it was definitely a learning experience for me!

Step 1:

I started by attaching a piece of plywood to the wall at the end of the closet on both sides. I screwed one side into the stud, but the other side didn’t hit a stud at all so I had to use toggle bolts and wing nuts to make sure it was secure.

Step 2: 

Then I cut down some 2x4s in half and attached 4 strips of wood to my sheets of plywood so that my pullouts wouldn’t end up being too close to the wall and scraping ( in case you’ve never experienced it, walls are not straight, so the odds of this getting stuck or scraping that close to the wall would be pretty high)

Step 3:

Now we need to build the actual pull out. I cut down another sheet of plywood and sanded it down.

Step 4:
I added a design. This is optional and you can choose any design you would like. All I did was use some ¼” thick pieces of poplar board to create my design. I glued them on with wood glue. Then used wood filler and caulk for any imperfections and to deal the seams.

Step 5:

Prime and Paint. 

Step 6:
Add your hooks. You can use any hooks you want. I went with these which are actually towel hooks, because I wanted the bulky look.

Step 7: 

I attached the drawer slides to the back of the pullout. Make sure to measure where your wood strips are on the wall so your tracks will line up.

Step 8:

Attach the tracks to the wood strips you attached to the wall. This step is much easier with two people so you can have one person hold the door up (It’s heavy!) and one screw in the tracks.

Step 9:
Then I attached the board to the front of the pullout using construction adhesive and my nail gun.

Step 10: 

Last I painted the front board and added the handle!

** I also added a separate finish board against the wall in front of the plywood and wood strips before putting on the front board on the pullout **

Drop any questions you have below!

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