From Scratch to Spring: DIY Guide for a Stunning Welcome Wreath

It’s almost spring! The time of year when we all get excited about getting rid of winter and changing out our decor for something pretty and colorful. Front door wreaths are a great way to do this! A little wreath in spring colors is almost like a welcome sign for your front door that will always make your guests smile before you even greet them. So for today’s DIY, I’m leaving the construction projects behind and showing you a super easy DIY wreath that anyone can do.

A welcome wreath with flowers and beads

I created a gorgeous floral wreath that is perfect for my own tastes and the style of my home. And just in case this exact wreath doesn’t fit your own personal preference, I’m going to give you all the basic info you need to put together your own spring wreath that will reflect your creative style! Follow along with my step-by-step tutorial to get a handle on everything you need to create beautiful spring wreaths. 

Is it cheaper to Make Your own wreath?

Maybe you’re not convinced it’s worth your time to make your own DIY welcome wreath instead of buying one at a craft store. But just like most things, if you can DIY your own version, you’re going to pay far less! The supplies you need do not have to cost much at all. You can get everything at the dollar store, Hobby Lobby, and/or Amazon. Plus, if you make it yourself you’re sure to get the perfect wreath that is exactly what you want! And that’s priceless.

How do you make a homemade door wreath?

Making your own wreath is really quite simple. All you need are a few supplies and a couple good ideas! As you can see from the materials and tools lists below, this was not a complicated or expensive DIY project at all. I’m going to share my process and everything I used to create my own wreath and give you suggestions along the way for how you can personalize yours for your own tastes.

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Materials for a DIY welcome Wreath


Purchase a wreath form 

I used a very plain and simple wire wreath that would be easy to thread my beads onto.  If you don’t like beads or wire, maybe you’re wondering, “What can I use for a DIY wreath base”? A picture frame can be repurposed for a fun and unique look, and of course, the traditional grapevine wreath form is perfect for spring too. If you are planning to completely cover your base with embellishments so it isn’t visible at all, a styrofoam wreath form might be a great budget-friendly option for you as well.

DIY beaded welcome wreath with spring flowers

embellishments for a DIY Welcome Wreath

This is where you really get to have fun with your themed wreath! Choose embellishments that you love in colors and patterns that make you smile. I used wooden beads and faux flowers. I love the white and coral with the green, but you can choose a different color if you wish! For example, burlap ribbon looks beautiful on any wreath. I also thought about using a bird’s nest (maybe with some yellow flowers and red ribbon?) but decided this time that simple was best. Use your imagination!

String the beads

Once I had my wreath form, I strung the beads on it in an alternating pattern. If you don’t want to put beads around the entire form, this is the time to decide where you want your other embellishments to go! You can use a dab of hot glue to hold the beads in place if you go this direction. I decided it would be easiest to put beads all the way around so that is what I did. I love the two different sizes and wood tones of the beads I chose! 

Add the faux florals

For this step of my wreath construction, I used my wire cutters to take apart the floral stems I purchased. I wanted to have the faux greenery separated from the flowers themselves, and I wanted to lay them out differently than as a whole stem. I cut the leaves and flowers off the stem. Then, with a bit of hot glue and some floral wire, I attached them to the bottom of my wreath. I added the greenery first and then spread the flowers out in a way that I liked. This is very much something you do with your heart! You will know when the finished product looks right to you. 

a beaded DIY welcome wreath with flowers

Hang your wreath

Depending on what type of wreath you created, you have different options for hanging. I have a black hook that stays on my door and works perfectly to hang the slim wire wreath. You could also use a ribbon attached to a 3M hook on the inside of your door if you wanted, but I like how the black looks and didn’t see a need to try and hide it.

That’s it! I hope I’ve convinced you that a DIY wreath is an easy project that anyone (regardless of DIY experience) can successfully create. I think the wooden beads and pretty flowers are the perfect front door decor to welcome people to my home this spring! Did you decide to make the same wreath or did you do something totally different? Tag me @designingparkside with your finished wreath creation pics!

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