What is close friends?

Close friends is a feature on Instagram that allows me to post exclusive content to my “Close Friends Group” through stories. I post my normal content in stories for everyone to see! My close friends list is for those of you who want to see and connect even more!

Is this a subscription?

This is similar to the subscriptions feature on Instagram but it doesn’t cost you any money! It’s completely free!

Unlike subscriptions, these stories will not be saved for you to view later, and we are not able to do exclusive lives because this is a free service and there are limitations.

Where do I see close friends content?

Close friends stories will pop up in my story bubble just like my normal stories! You will know when there is a close friends story posted though because my bubble will turn green for you!

When you are watching my stories, you will know it’s a close friends slide because you will see a green star at the top like this:

What kind of content can i expect?

Types of content I post to my close friends:

  • Exclusive Q+As
  • More in-depth explanations and tutorials
  • Sneak Peaks! (Upcoming project plans, early reveals, updates, etc.)
  • Hands on Interactions: help me choose what type of content you want to see, help me choose my next projects, choose my project details, etc.
  • And More!

When is content posted?

I post to my normal stories every Wednesday – Saturday, so you can expect to see close friends stories on those days too!

The frequency of Close Friends stories will depend on the day and what content I am sharing. I will never bombard you with loads of unnecessary story slides, but some days will be more than others!

What If i decide I no longer want to see close friends stories?

No problem at all! If you change your mind and would like to be removed from my close friend’s list just send me a DM and I will get you taken off, and you will go back to only seeing my normal stories! No hard feelings!

How do I join?

My Close Friends group is for my email subscribers! Simply fill out the form below and you will receive my welcome email with instructions on how to join my close friends list!