Living Room Built-In Shelf Styling and decor!

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How I added shelf decor to my living room built ins.
How to decorate living room built in shelves.

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Unique Decorative Vases for styling shelves, living room, dining room, office


  1. Black Ribbed Wave Vase
  2. Black Bubble Tier Vase Set
  3. Terracotta Brushed Vase
  4. White Ceramic Vase Round Donut
  5. Ceramic Vase Round Donut Set
  6. White Ceramic Stacked Bubble Planter
  7. Fluted Ceramic Pot
  8. Clear Ribbed Glass Vase
  9. Blue Bubble Glass Vase
Unique Decor Pieces to Style a shelf or Living room or office


  1. Tic Tac Toe
  2. Heart Hands Statue
  3. Gold Metal Flower Statue
  4. Gold Metal Flower
  5. White Woven Decorative Platter
  6. Black Picture Frame Set
  7. Glass Framed Green Eucalyptus Print Wall Art
  8. Gold Ribbed Portrait Wall Frame
  9. Decorative Wood Balls
  10. Black Chain
  11. Chess Piece Bookends
  12. Wood Knot Decor White
Stylish Storage Solutions for Shelves, entry tables, coffee tables.

Boxes, Baskets, Trays

  1. Faux Books Boxes
  2. Wicker Baskets
  3. Faux Leather Box Set
  4. Black Leather Decorative Box
  5. Gold Leaf Tray
  6. Gold Leaf Tray Small
  7. Faux Leather Box Set White
  8. Set of White Trays
Cordless battery powered lights from amazon, no wiring needed.

Hardware, Lighting

  1. Brushed Brass Cabinet Handles
  2. Battery Powered Picture Lights
  3. Battery Powered Table Light
  4. Cordless Table Lamp
  5. Soft-Close Cabinet Door Damper
  6. Candle Warmer
The Best Faux Plants and Stems from Amazon to use for home decor, or shelf decor

Plants, Stems

  1. Eucalyptus Leaves
  2. Faux Potted Rosemary
  3. 3 Pack Mini Potted Fake Plants
  4. Ficus Twigs
  5. Plum Blossoms
  6. 16″ Snake Plant
  7. Hydrangea Stems
  8. Tulips

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