Painting Equipment Must-Haves

Today’s post is all about painting! If you’re thinking of starting a DIY paint project you’ve been putting off because you don’t know what you need or where to start, I’ve put together a list of my painting equipment must-haves to help you out.

If you’ve been following my blog you know that I have a passion for all things DIY. I love figuring out how to do things alongside this amazing community, and I love how we have each other’s backs every step of the way. One thing that I have found as my skills and confidence have progressed is that having the right tools for the job really, really makes a difference when you’re serious about DIY. Each item in my painting must-haves list can be purchased at Amazon or your local Home Depot store. I hope these help you along your DIY painting journey as much as they have helped me! 

Let’s look at my top painting equipment must-haves that every beginner needs to finish that paint job like a pro.

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This is a must-have for all painters! Before you can paint, you need to choose a color, and it’s this step that so many people get hung up on. Not anymore! The Datacolor ColorReader EZ allows you to scan the flat surface of a color you want to match and even gives you ideas for coordinating colors! It has a simple easy one-touch design and gives precise color readings. Whether you need to match your existing paint so you can do a touch up or you want to color match a pillow you love, this tool is perfect for the job! 

Paint Cup

Nothing better than having the paint you need handy! The HANDy Paint Cup (see what I did there?) is perfect for holding your paint for touch-ups, trim work, smaller paint projects, and crafts. It holds up to a pint of paint right in your hands with its ergonomic handle. I have used this cup over and over and I am so happy I found it.  

Fillable Paint Pen

Fillable paint pens make fixing scuffs and dings really easy! I love my Slobproof Fillable Paint Pen. To make fixing your walls really easy, when you’re finished painting a room just load one of these pens with leftover paint and snap on the cap. Later, when you’ve got a ding to touch up, give the pen a few shakes and you’re good to go. The professional brush tip makes it a must-have for your small paint projects!

Pyramid Stands 

These KATA Pyramid Painting Stands are another tool that I can’t live without. They allow you to elevate your work surface when painting or staining with very little contact on the surface of the item you’re working on. They make painting doors and cabinets so much easier because you can paint them at a height and then flip them over and paint the other side without much contact on the already painted side. Ideal for canvas, cabinet doors, shutters, furniture, crafts and mouldings! 

Metal Paint Tray and Liner Set

This Metal Paint Tray and Liner Set makes paint cleanup a breeze. Pop the liner in your tray before you start and when you’re done, take it out and throw it away. You can also clean the liners and reuse them if you wish. These are great when you only have one paint tray but you want to paint with multiple colors on the same day. No cleanup in between! These tray liners can be used with all paints, stains, and finishes. Nothing is easier than that!


FROGTAPE is my go-to painters tape! This particular FROGTAPE Multi-Surface Painting Tape is Premium grade and treated with PaintBlock Technology, so it seals tape edges for very sharp paint lines. It’s recommended for interior and exterior use on carpet, cured painted walls, glass, metal, stone, and unfinished wood. A definite must-have for all your fiddly painting jobs! 

Paint Sprayer

A paint sprayer is the perfect piece of paint equipment for any project, big or small! You can find sprayers in both cordless or corded versions. I love my Graco TC Pro Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer. The portability of this cordless model makes it easier to move from project to project. The HomeRight C800971 Super Finish Max HVLP Paint Sprayer is a nice corded option if you want to go that route! 

A paint sprayer can cover more area than a brush and roller in less time, and leaves fewer lines and brush strokes. It’s great for getting into awkward nooks and crannies for a flawless finish. This tool lets me get complete coverage in a few passes, even on uneven surfaces! If a lot of furniture painting is in your future, this is a great investment.

Angle Brush

Angle brushes are perfect for cutting in, finishing corners, and painting around mouldings, door frames, and any tight or small spaces. I love the Wooster Brush Q3211 2 inch Shortcut Angle Sash Paintbrush that comes either in singles or a pack of 12. Using a brush like this with a thick filament blend will hold more paint and save you time, and give you less streaks on your walls or trim. This brush is one of those must-have pieces of painting equipment for every painter’s toolbox! 

Paint Roller Equipment 

Inevitably, if you are painting walls or furniture you are going to need a roller and associated equipment.  While it is tempting to go to the dollar store and buy the cheapest ones you can find, let me assure you that it really is worth spending a bit of money on this painting essential!  Here are my recommendations for paint roller products for any project you might want to tackle. 

Paint Roller

Using the right paint roller can make all the difference in your paint jobs, especially the smaller more delicate projects. The right foam roller will be made of high-density fibers that can be used with water or oil-based paints, leaving a smooth and even finish on flat surfaces. The Mister Rui Paint Roller with Refills fits the description! Its size and quality makes it perfect for painting wood projects, furniture, and kitchen cabinets. 

Roller Frame and Covers

For painting walls and large open surface areas, the 9 in. 5-Wire Heavy-Duty Roller Frame found at Home Depot is perfect! It is made from sturdy steel that won’t bend and create flat spots.  It also has a threaded handle that is compatible with most extension poles. Cover it with the compatible Wooster High-Density Pro Woven Roller Cover for a lint-free, smooth finish. 

Extension Pole

Sometimes you just can’t reach as high as you want to! If you like avoiding ladders like I do, this 3 ft. to 6 ft. Adjustable Extension Pole from Home Depot is the answer. It threads securely onto the paint roller frame and it’s lightweight and easy to use.  

6FT Paint Roller Brush Kit

Lastly, if you’re looking for an all-in-one package deal, this Paint Roller Brush Kit has made all the difference to my painting career. It extends to six feet long, so I don’t need to climb up and down a ladder as often. Other than cutting in with a paint brush, I can cover most of the wall or ceiling with paint quickly and easily, from standing flat on the floor! I wouldn’t even think of trying to paint high ceilings or tall walls without it anymore.

There you go! Now you have all my top picks for must-have painting equipment. Now you can start your next painting project confident in the knowledge that you are using tried and true products that you can count on to get the job done!

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Have a favorite piece of paint equipment that I didn’t list? Leave me a comment below!

Happy painting, everyone!

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