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Quick & Easy Board game Storage Ideas

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Today I’m sharing my board game storage ideas! I like to play board games with my friends and family during holiday gatherings or on a Saturday games night. I have quite a board game collection in my house. Games were shoved into shelves and crannies around my house because I didn’t have a dedicated space for them. Some of the boxes are even starting to fall apart. That was the push I needed to figure out something different. I looked into a variety of ways to store board games, and here are my favourites!  

Before I really get going, let me say that these board game storage ideas are not for everyone! If you are a board game collector who keeps games in their boxes for resale value, this is not for you. This is perfect for those of us who love to play board games but are not attached to the boxes and are struggling with how to store them in an organized, tidy way. This is also a great solution for families! Kids and teens are hard on board game boxes and this solution will address that chaos.

The Best Board Game Storage Solutions

There are a variety of adjustable shelving units and even a hanging closet organizer designed just for game boards. But I didn’t want to go this route. I wanted to come up with a solution that suited my modern minimalist style, so cluttered shelves did not work! The biggest pain point for me was the game boxes. I needed to find a way to make these game boxes less noticeable.

Then, I found these plastic storage bins. I love them because now I can take the games OUT of the boxes! Now, they are in clear boxes that are sturdy, easily labelled, and all the same size. These boxes are the perfect size to hold the board and all the pieces for each game comfortably. These storage bags are designed for this purpose too or even Ziploc bags would work. These boxes have a thinner profile and work well for small games. If you have a large collection of kids’ games or video games that are used on a regular basis, wouldn’t this make your family room just so much tidier?

how to Label Plastic Storage Bins for Board Games

What I love about the boxes I chose is that they were tall enough for me to get creative with labels. I do love the look of board game boxes. My favorite games that are very familiar to me give me warm fuzzy feelings to look at! So, instead of throwing the entire box away, I cut off the side panel with the name of the board game and trimmed it to the length of one side of my new plastic box. Then, I taped it there so that it would show through to the outside. Now, all my games are clearly labelled and I still get a bit of authenticity! 

Once all my games were in these boxes, I put them in pretty baskets. Now, I can keep them in plain sight on the bottom shelf of my coffee table! Bonus: I have extra space for more games now because these plastic containers take up less room. I love that I have easy access to all my games but the space is still neat and tidy and pretty. The games are invisible unless I choose to bring one out! This was the best solution to combat board game clutter in my house. I am so pleased with how it turned out.

More Great Storage Containers for Games

Card game storage

If you try this and find you get obsessed with fixing your game storage, I have a couple more ideas for you. I find the wear and tear that happens to my board game boxes happen to the cardboard boxes of my card games too! If you are in the same boat, these plastic card game boxes are a great solution. These would also work great for Pokemon cards or other collections your kids spread all over the house. I love that I don’t have loose decks of cards held together by rubber bands shoved everywhere anymore.

Game Piece Storage Strategy

Next, if you want to keep all your small game pieces together inside the larger plastic storage container, these little plastic sorting boxes are a perfect idea. There’s nothing worse than missing pieces when you start to play a game, and this should help avoid that! These are some of the best board game storage ideas I have come up with and they all make a difference in my own home.

There you go! My board game storage ideas. If you want to see more of my favorite organization products check out this post! Do you have any organizational hacks that make ugly storage pretty? Tag me @designingparkside, I would love to see them! 

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