Ideas For A Beautiful Organized Pantry 

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Does anyone else struggle with keeping their kitchen pantry organized, put-together, and beautiful? While beauty is not a word we often associate with our everyday use of dry goods storage, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Let me show you the best pantry organization bins that I use in my kitchen that make me smile every time I open up the pantry door! 

The Home Edit 5 Piece Pantry Plastic Modular Storage System

One thing I always struggle with is how to organize loose items in a way that helps me see and remember everything I have. Bins are great, but if cans of soup go there to die, they just aren’t helpful. That’s why I love this 5 piece storage system set from the Home Edit. The see-through design of the plastic storage bins allows you to clearly see everything in them. The 3-tier shelf (basically a set of shelf risers) is perfect for displaying many cans or bottles all at once. The genius of the larger bins is that they come with two smaller insert bins that can be used inside them, allowing you to grab whatever you want in the smaller bin without having to take the entire large bin with you! This is perfect for snacks, baking supplies, or anything else that you want to sub-categorize. And the large bins stack for extra efficiency! I love this set.

Clear pantry organization bins and steps to organize canned goods.

The Home Edit Low Wall Turntable, 10″ Plastic Modular Storage System Organizer

Here’s another Home Edit product! This turntable is a perfect way to get your spices organized in a visible and really pretty way. This will replace your difficult to navigate spice rack or spice drawer and you will never look back! The turntable rotates 360 degrees so every single spice you store there will be easily accessible, which is such a huge help when you’re preparing food. Obviously, it is perfect for spices but it would work for other small items too. I love the beauty and efficiency that this pantry product brings to my kitchen. 

SWOMMOLY 36 Glass Spice Jars with 703 Spice Labels

This set of 36 spice jars work perfectly on your new turntable! They come with a combination of pre-printed and blank labels, so you will definitely be able to put your hand on the exact spice you need at any time. These jars are a beautiful addition to an efficient and functional kitchen. 

Water Hyacinth Bin Natural

If you want to mix up the clear plastic bins in your space with something that has a neutral, natural tone, these water hyacinth bins from The Container Store make beautiful pantry organization bins. Sturdy, gorgeous, and available in many convenient sizes, they are an excellent option for your pantry shelves, especially for items that you don’t need to put on display to remember that you own them. That chocolate stash you are hiding from your kids or spouse, for example! 

water hyacinth pantry organization bins

Bin Clip Label Silver Pkg/3

If you like to label things, consider pairing these gorgeous bin clips with your water hyacinth bins. They come in a variety of colors and since they are just a blank space that you write on using chalk or a dry erase marker, you can continually re-organize and update your bins to suit your changing needs! These are simple and beautiful and add some peace and calm to any pantry.  

Anchor Hocking 1 Gallon Glass Storage Penny Candy Jar with Silver Lid

I love a good set of glass canisters! These ones are particularly lovely because they are made of anchor glass which means they are durable and stable, and can even withstand a fall from a short height. They have a wide mouth opening for easy scooping, and their polished chrome finish lids are modern and clean-looking.  

OXO POP 5pc Airtight Food Storage Container Set

This set of multi-sized pantry organization bins are a must-have for your dry goods storage. Great for storing rice, pasta, beans, cookies, soup mixes…or whatever! Stackable with clean lines and white lids, these containers are a perfect addition to any pantry where neutrality and efficiency are the goals. 

clear Oxo pantry organization bins

STOREGANIZE 14pc Airtight Food Storage Containers With Lids

“Ingeniously Designed Lids” is right in the name of this 14 piece multi-sized kitchen storage set, and I am going to tell you why! Two of these containers come with lids that have a built-in spout for pouring. This makes them perfect for cereal, rice, lentils, chocolate chips…really anything you can pour. They are so easy to use and lead to far fewer spills. Really easy for kids to use too! Because they are airtight, you can store things like cookies and snacks in them, eliminating the need for open chip bags and other messy items that can really make a small pantry look untidy.

Utopia Kitchen Grocery Plastic Bag Holder and Dispenser for Plastic Bags

We all have a million plastic bags that we don’t know what to do with! Maybe you have them shoved inside another bag and jammed into a pantry shelf, where they just fall out when you open the pantry door? That was my system until I discovered this wall mount plastic bag dispenser. I mounted it to the pantry door and now I can grab bags easily with no mess and no fuss. Perfect! 

SpaceAid WrapNeat 3-in-1 Wrap Organizer with Cutter and Labels

Are you tired of all the ugly boxes of wrap and foil taking up space on your pantry shelves? I cannot believe how much I love this 3-in-1 wrap organizer tool and how much less stressful it has made my shelves feel. These dispensers do away with the ugly boxes and the flimsy cutting device that comes with them. Now you can easily slice off a piece of foil, saran wrap, wax paper, or parchment paper with a heavier and sharper cutting tool, and the organizer fits most drawers too for easy access on a daily basis. I highly recommend this one! It comes in several colors so it will match any kitchen decor.

I hope you found some pantry refresh inspiration in these products. I really do think they are the best pantry organization bins I’ve had yet! Being organized can be fun, and can add beauty, peace, and calm to your pantry space. Tag me @designingparkside with your before and after pantry makeover pics! I would love to see them. Check out this blog post for more home organization ideas.

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Let me show you the best pantry organization bins that I use in my kitchen that make me smile every time I open up the pantry door! 

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